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Fabrication Assets

Fabrication Assets

Welding Generator and Welding Rectifiers

ADOR make super challengers 400 amp (04 nos) and 225 amp (03 nos) & 22 kw (01 no) portable type specially suitable for Off Shore sites. Easy to transport and reliable.

ADOR make Welding Rectifiers 400 amp ( 38 nos) and 600 amp (23 nos), Very sturdy andreliable, suitable for TIG and SMAW welding in any position any thickness. Also useful for Arc gouging.


  • Caterpillar USA make 400 KVA (01 no), Greaves Cotton make 84.4 BHP (01 no), Kirloskar make 70 KVA (02 nos) to 250 meters sturdy and suitable for On shore/ Off shore site work
  • Powerica Make Silent DG Sets 125 KVA (2 Nos), 200 KVA (1 No), 250 (1 No)
  • Nitrogen Generation Plant to generate 60 NM cube/ hr Nitrogen gas with 1.0% oxygen (max) at 5.0kg/cm2 pressure
  • Nitrogen Generation Plant to generate 60 NM cube/ hr Nitrogen gas with 0.5%oxygen (max) at 5.5 bar pressure


  • Compressor of various capacity Ingersol Rand make (Diesel operated) air compressor 400 CFM at 100 PSI (1 No), Lambodini make (Diesel operated) LP air compressor at 50 PSI (1 No), BOSS make (Electric operated) air
    compressor of 130 ltrs capacity at 100 PSI (2 Nos), ELGI make (Electric operated) air compressor 8 CFM at
    100 PSI (2 Nos)

Various Material Handling Chain Blocks and Equipments

  • 400 Nos Chain Pulley Blocks from 0.5 ton to 20 tons SWL (safe working load) and chain blocks of various makes including Vital (Germany) for lifting/ shifting material
  • 30 Nos Tirfors with 50 meters wire rope from 0.75 tons to 3.2 tons SWL specially useful for pipeline alignment and pulling
  • 73 Nos Ratchet Blocks from 0.75 ton to 06 tons SWL suitable for pipe line alignment
  • 37 Nos Snatch Block from 02 ton to 12 tons SWL suitable for shifting materials from one position to other position
  • 500 Nos Wire Rope slings/ Web Slings from 0.5 ton to 50 tons SWL in various length for Lifting/Shifting the materials and equipments
  • Electric and Air operated winches (05 nos) up to 05 tons SWL for shifting of material and lowering material

Scaffolding and Rigging Material

  • 1.5? NB C class GI pipes 01 meter to 06 meters long about ( 40,000 meters), Fixed, Swivel and Beam clamps (30,000 nos) suitable for erecting scaffolding as required to carry the work at any height and below decks
  • Steel planks 8' x 1' x 1'' about 3000 Nos used for scaffolding job works

Kobelco Crane

  • Kobelco Crane has 97.54 meters main boom and 67 meters luffing boom. It can pick up 450 Ton load with
    18.2 meters (60 ft.) boom at 5.8 meters radius and 66 tons with 97.54 meters (320 ft) boom at 20 meters
  • With luffing arrangement it can lift 12.3 ton @ 58 meters radius at a height of 100 meters
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